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Upcoming gigs

Thursday Feb 22nd - Paris Jazz Cat Melbourne 7 30pm - 9 30pm 


     Chris Johnstone Septet featuring Thomas Fell -Baritone w/ Anton Delecca - Tenor

               Mereki Leten - Alto, Mark Fitzgibbon - Piano, Tom Lee - Bass and Danny Fischer - Drums

                               The Music of Miles Davis


Friday March 15th - Paris Jazz Cat Melbourne 9pm - 11pm 


     Chris Johnstone/John Mackey Sextet featuring Bernard Alexander - Alto, Mat Jodrell - Trumpet

                         Ben Hanlon- Bass and Felix Bloxsom - Drums

                               The Music of Grant Green/Joe Henderson



Thursday May 2nd - Paris Jazz Cat Melbourne 8pm - 10pm 


      Chris Johnstone/James Sherlock Quartet featuring Ben Robertson-  Bass and Danny Fischer - Drums

                             The Music of George Benson



Thursday June  27th - Paris Jazz Cat Melbourne 8pm - 10pm 


     Chris Johnstone/Jake Mason Organ Trio  w/ Danny Fischer - Drums

                               The Organ trio Music of Wes Montgomery




 Additionally Chris regularly plays at Molly in Civic on Wednesday nights at the pro jazz jam with the house band. Chris also performs at Queenies in Kingston every Thursday night from 6 30pm - 9 30pm.

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